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New users 

Nobody is allowed to use microscopes without training! To arrange the training please contact Dr. Hana Sehadova.

  • During the basic training (usually 4-5 hrs) the new user is apprised of the appropriate microscope setup and the operating software. The appropriate conditions for the particular sample visualization, scanning, and data analysis are also discussed.
  • Users from PhD program, postdocs, and employees of BC and JU will obtain their own user folder on the machine and will be granted an access to the facility (security code). If needed, the new users can ask the manager for an additional assistance.
  • Users from Mgr and Bc program will obtain their folder and access to the facility only after consultation with their supervisor who will arrange an assistance by an experienced user from his/her research team for several consecutive sessions. If the team does not have an experienced user, the supervisor will ask the manager for further assistance.
  • If the user did not use the facility for extended time, he/she can ask the manager for re-training session or assistance.


Rules for the confocal microscope booking

  • Each user can book the facility during one working day for arbitrary number of hours only within the morning (7 am - 1 pm) or the afternoon (1 pm – 7 pm) session, respectively. Maximum two sessions during one workweek (Mon – Fri).
  • The afternoon session can be extended till 7 am of the next day (night session).
  • Any exceptions from the above (e.g. requests for longer time or more sessions per week) are possible only after consultation and approval of the facility manager, at least two weeks before the required term.
  • If the user cannot (for any reason) use the booked session, he/she will immediately remove the booking from the system, and inform the facility manager.
  • The facility manager has all rights to decide in all disputable booking cases and also can cancel a reservation of any user who does not observe the above rules.
Facility manager is Dr. Hana Sehadová. Controversial issues are decided by prof. Ivo Šauman or director of the Entomology institute.



Rules for use of the facilities

  • Nobody is allowed to use the microscopes without training. To arrange the training please contact Hana Sehadova
  • No food and drinks in the microscope room
  • If you have booked a microscope but are not going to use it, delete your booking, so others can use this slot
  • If you use wet samples on the microscope you must be alert for spills on the stage, objectives, microscope table etc. Spills must be cleaned up immediately!
  • Only use immersion oil on the objectives that are meant to be used with oil!
  • Only use the provided lens tissue to clean objectives. Do not use lens tissue to clean oil from your slide!
  • After you have finished using the microscope check who is next, using the online calendar, and contact this person. The last user is responsible for switching off the microscope
  • Don't use the imaging computers or the analysis computers for data storage. As soon as you have analyzed your images remove them from the systems
  • If you are not sure about something or encounter problems contact Dr. Hana Sehadova


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