Histology laboratory

Histology laboratory

The Histology Laboratory offer research scientists collaboration support for research projects requiring the following techniques:

  • Histological staining of paraplast sections (e.g. Mallory, hematoxylin-eosin)
  • Immunohistochemical antigen detection in whole-mount preparations or paraplast tissue sections
  • Nucleic acids in situ hybridization in whole-mount preparations or paraplast tissue sections
  • Preparation and contrasting of semi-thin resin sections
  • Preparation of ultra-thin resin sections for transmission electron microscopy
  • Sample preparation for scanning electron microscopy
  • Scanning of biological samples under light, fluorescent, and confocal microscopes
  • Scanning of biological samples under scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • Image data analysis and preparation of high quality photomicrographs for publication purposes

We further offer a technical background for independent usage of microtome, cryostat, and ultra-microtome (see the Price List of the Bioscience Imaging and Histology Unit). The use of the ultra-microtome is limited to experienced workers.


Rules of the Histology Laboratory Utilizations

  • 1. The Histology Laboratory is NOT a classic service facility – it functions based on collaborations involving either technicians or research scientists of the Histology Laboratory.
  • 2. Simple technical services not exceeding 25 working hours of the Histology Laboratory technician/researcher within a frame of one particular project needn’t to be considered as collaboration.
  • . All collaborations, requests for technicians, as well as the individual use of any Histology Laboratory equipment must be arranged in advance by the particular project PI exclusively with the head of the Unit Dr. Hana Sehadova, or with one of the Unit scientists, e.g. Prof. Ivo Sauman or Assoc. Prof. Radka Zavodska. In these cases of collaborations, the hourly rate for the microscopes use will be significantly reduced (see the Price List of the Bioscience Imaging and Histology Unit).
  • 4. Date and time for each individual use of any Histology Laboratory equipment (e.g. microtome, ultra-microtome, cryostat, microinjection apparatus) must be scheduled in advance with the technician Jitka Pflegerova or Bc. Lucie Pauchova, who are responsible for the Histology Laboratory equipment use coordination.
  • 5. Individual guest workers after finishing their tasks must leave the equipment as well as the workplace in the original and clean conditions. They are obligated to report any found damages of any equipment and are fully responsible for any damages resulting from an improper use or negligence.
  • 6. Note: We do not loan out diamond knives.


Microtome Leica RM 2165 Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC6 Cryostat Leica CM 1850 UV


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