Microscopy unit

Microscopy unit provides state-of-the-art microscopy equipment including sophisticated image analysis software for research scientists and students.

In most cases, the microscopy as well as the following image analysis is performed by the users after their thorough training. It is necessary to arrange the appropriate training in advance. Price of the training and the use of the microscopes are regulated by the Price List of the Bioscience Imaging and Histology Unit. Trained users must follow the Rules of the Microscope Utilizations.

Microscopy unit also offers performing photo-documentation and image data analysis in terms of scientific collaboration on particular projects. In such cases research scientists of the Unit can also provide support for solving scientific problems, help with the design of particular experiments, as well as finalizing high quality photo-documentation for publication purposes. Such collaboration on a project must be arranged in advance exclusively with the head of the Unit Dr. Hana Sehadova, or with one of the Unit scientists, e.g. Prof. Ivo Sauman or Assoc. Prof. Radka Zavodska. In these cases, the hourly rate for the microscopes use will be significantly reduced (see the Price List of the Bioscience Imaging and Histology Unit).


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Microscopy Methods

  • Bright field, DIC, fluorescence, and bioluminescence imaging
  • 2D/3D/4D imaging • Multi-colour imaging
  • Multi position imaging
  • Live cell imaging
  • F-techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET)







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