The Institute of Entomology is a scientific institution of basic and applied research in areas, in which insects are either in focus of attention (insect pests, species useful for environment monitoring etc.) or serve as suitable models for the solution of general biological problems.

The Institute is located in the town of Ceské Budejovice, about 160 km south of Prague, the capital of the Czech Repuplic.

The more than ninety Institute's researchers and PhD students conduct research in a variety of fields, ranging from molecular biology to ecology.

The Institute publishes the European Journal of Entomology (EJE).

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Novotný Photo York

15. 8. 2014

V. Novotný as plenary speaker

V. Novotný as plenary speaker

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15. 5. 2014

The evolutionary origin of insect wings

Probably a missing transitional link between apterous silverfish (Zygentoma) and pterygote insects (Pterygota) found.

The Drosophila larval ring gland - large polyploid cells produce ecdysone (M.U.)

10. 4. 2014

The old steroid-deficiency gene encodes a new mRNA splicing factor

Publication in PLoS Genetics solves an old puzzle of the "ecdysoneless" mutant that has traditionally provided investigators with a steroid-deficient animal...

Longhorn beetle Tmesisternus rafaelae

2. 4. 2014

Longhorn beetles in the compendium Handbook of Zoology

The four chapters summarize current knowledge of morphology, biology, distribution and classification of longhorn beetles on a worldwide basis.

The milkweed leaf beetle Labidomera clivicollis when mating.

6. 2. 2014

Why 'sexual mind control' is rare in nature

The work published in Journal of Theoretical Biology provides an explanation.


Fibich P., Vitova A., Macek P., Leps J. (2013)

Establishment and spatial associations of recruits in meadow gaps.

Journal of Vegetation Science 24, 496-505

Snaddon J.L., Turner E.C., Fayle T.M., Chey V.K., Eggleton P.E., Foster W.A. (2012)

Biodiversity hanging by a thread: the importance of fungal-litter trapping systems in tropical rainforests.

Biology Letters 8, 397-400

Svobodová Z., Skoková Habuštová O., Vlasak J., Vinokurov K.S. (2013)

Laboratory bioassay assessing the enhancement of Cry3Aa toxicity to coleopteran storage pests – preliminary results.

IOBC/WPRS Bulletin 97, 109-113


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Braconid (Coeloides bostrichorum)

Braconid (Coeloides bostrichorum)