The Institute of Entomology is a scientific institution of basic and applied research in areas, in which insects are either in focus of attention (insect pests, species useful for environment monitoring etc.) or serve as suitable models for the solution of general biological problems.

The Institute is located in the town of Ceské Budejovice, about 160 km south of Prague, the capital of the Czech Repuplic.

The more than ninety Institute's researchers and PhD students conduct research in a variety of fields, ranging from molecular biology to ecology.

The Institute publishes the European Journal of Entomology (EJE).

News & Events

Ladybird beetles

5. 12. 2015

Ladybird beetles

A new book, Ladybird Beetles (Coccinellidae) of Central Europe, has been published in the series Zoological keys in the publishing house Academia belonging...

Karolina Bodláková

27. 11. 2015

Open Science – opportunity for talented secondary school students

A student of the Gymnasium Česká, České Budějovice, who worked in the laboratory of Dalibor Kodrík within the project Open Science IV, will represent the...

Focus on

Higher costs of surveillance are accompanied with lower costs of eradication.

4. 2. 2016

Eradication of invading insect populations

Given current globalization trends, eradication is playing an increasingly important role in nonnative insect pest exclusion.

A model of the ligand-binding pocket of Gce/Met with juvenile hormone.

10. 8. 2015

Juvenile hormone receptor established through fly genetics

Publication in PLoS Genetics features genetic evidence to unequivocally define an intracellular receptor for juvenile hormone.

Protist species used (left to right): Colpidium, Tetrahymena, and Paramecium.

27. 7. 2015

Stay or go? Competition affects movement and dispersal in experimental metacommunities

Using experimental protist metacommunities, we show how dispersal and movement depend on the strength of interspecific interactions.


24. 7. 2015

Ants reveal surprising colonization history patterns in South Pacific islands

The islands of South Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia are the most biologically diverse regions on Earth. New findings about how ants spread across the...


Gelbič I.. (1997)

Changes of development of male germinal cells in Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) caused by insect hormones

The Third Asia-Pacific Conefernce of Entomology, November 16-22,1997 Taichung, Taiwan,ROC; Abstracts, 233

Weyda F., Dammer J., Sehadová H., Havelka A., Kolínová M., Pflegerová J. (2014)

Vybrané metody studia hmyzích fosilií v jantaru.

Živa 62, číslo 5: 198-202

Huang T., Xiao Y., Pan J., Zhang L., Gelbič I., Guan X. (2015)

Characterization of cry1Cb3 and cry1Fb7 from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriae.

Open Life Science 10, 521-528


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Ant beetle (Thanasimus formicarius)

Ant beetle (Thanasimus formicarius)