How to get here

From Prague airport to Ceske Budejovice

At the Prague airport, walk to the public bus stop outside the terminal and buy a ticket for 32 CZK from a yellow vending machine at the bus stop. You must validate the ticket as you enter the bus. The ticket is good for the journey from the airport to the train or bus terminal (which requires two transfers and takes about 45 minutes).

Take the line 119 bus (leaves every 5-20 minutes) to the terminal "Dejvicka". Transfer to subway "A" line (green); all trains go downtown. At the "Muzeum" station, transfer to subway "C" line (red), and go either one stop to the Main train station "Hlavni nadrazi" or, for the bus terminal, continue to the "Roztyly" station. You should find direct connections for either bus or train to Ceske Budejovice by using the IDOS system. The bus or train journey takes about 2.5-3 hours.

Public transportation in Ceske Budejovice

The trolley-bus stop is next to the bus terminal, and across the road (via underpass) from the train station. Take line number 3 directly to the campus, stop "Jihoceska Universita" (takes about 10 minutes). You will need a ticket for 13 CZK (available from yellow vending machines), which you must validate as you enter the bus. A map of city bus lines is here.


Schematic map is here.

Train or bus transportation: IDOS


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