Mgr. Aleš Buček, Ph.D.

Job Position: Head of Laboratory - Laboratory of Insect Symbiosis

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Phone: +420 38 777 5223


Evolution of termites and their symbionts; phylogenetics; comparative genomics; microtomography



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Carrijo T.F., Engel M.S., Chouvenc T., Gile G., Mikaelyan A., Dedeine F., Ware J.L., Haifig I., Arab A., Constantini J.P., Souza J.P., Lee S.B., Buček A., Roisin Y., Cancello E.M., Santos C.M.D. (2023) A call to termitologists: it is time to abandon the use of "lower" and "higher" termites. Insectes Sociaux 70 : 295-299.
DOI: 10.1007/s00040-023-00929-0


Biology Centre CAS
Institute of Entomology
Branišovská 1160/31
370 05 České Budějovice

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