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Závodská R., Šauman I., Sehnal F. (2003) The cycling and distribution of PER-like antigen in relation to neurons recognized by the antisera to PTTH and EH in Thermobia domestica. Insect Bioch. Mol. Biol. 33: 1227-1238..
DOI: 10.1016/j.ibmb.2003.06.009

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Závodská R., Sehadová H., Šauman I., Sehnal F. (2002) Immunohistochemical investigations on the pigment dispersing factor in the central nervous system of insects. VII European Congress of Entomology. Thessaloniky (Greece), October 7-14, 2002. Abstracts, p. 140.
Závodská R., Sehnal F., Šauman I. (2002) Circadian and Developmental Neuropeptides in the Central Nervous System of Insects. 2nd Czech-Japanese Seminar on Entolomology: Insect Photoperiodism and Rhytmicity. České Budějovice, August 5-8, 2002. Abstracts, p. 24.


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