Date: 14.06.2023

Kateřina Sam among Forbes Top Czech Women Scientists 2023

They work on billion-dollar cures, find the perfect sperm, push the boundaries of physics, or figure out why populists are so successful. Meet 23 top Czech women scientists across a range of fields, which were ranked by the Forbes magazine for 2023. Kateřina Sam from the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences is among them.

In the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and other exotic places around the world, she studies, for example, the relationship between carnivorous birds and insects, or maps the response of trees to being deprived of caterpillars. "I guess I was born to be a scientist. I've always enjoyed researching, writing and plotting. I was more at home in nature than I was at home. I loved imagining how I would explore things, and I wrote and read a lot. After that it was more just a coincidence of events, luck of the people I met in my life and how they directed me," says Kateřina Sam.

Kateřina Sam is a widely trained ecologist, with interests in multitrophic interactions, community ecology, conservation and also behavioural ecology. Her work focuses on different aspects of ecology of (tropical) birds, (tropical) insect and plants, and interactions between them. In 2018, she won an ERC Starting grant and was only the third woman to receive this prestigious grant for a workplace in the Czech Republic.

Kateřina is a head of Laboratory of Multitrophic Interactions at the Institute of Entomology, Biology Center Czech Academy of Sciences and is also employed at Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science at the University of South Bohemia in Czech Republic. She has authored or co-authored numerous publications in impacted journals including Science.

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