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Antonelli P., Křivan V. (1993) Large-amplitude periodic fluctuations in starfish-coral dynamics caused by feeding preferences. Ecol. Model. 67: 251-257.
Colombo G., Křivan V. (1993) A viability algorithm. J. Differential Equations 102: 236-243.
Colombo R., Křivan V. (1993) Selective strategies in food webs. IMA J. Mathematics Appl. Med. Biol. 10: 281-291.
Křivan V. (1993) Projection of differential equations. In: Kurzhanski A.B. & Veliov V.M. (eds.) Set-valuated Analysis and Differential Inclusions, Pamporovo (Bulgaria) 1990. IIASA, Birkhäuser, Boston, pp. 119-130.
Pavelka J., Křivan V., Marec F. (1993) Genetic control of model populations of Ephestia kuehniella using balanced lethal males - a preliminary report. In: Book of Abstracts, XXIIIrd Annual Meeting of ESNA and 3rd German Meeting on Food Irradiation, Halle (Germany) 1993. SozEp-Hefte, Berlin, 4/93, pp. 187
Antonelli P., Křivan V. (1992) Fuzzy differential inclusions as substitutes for stochastic differential equations in population biology Open Systems and Information Dynamics in Physical and Life Sciences 1: 217-232.
Colombo G., Křivan V. (1992) Fuzzy differential inclusions and nonprobabilistic likelihood Dynamic Systems and Applications 1: 419-440.
Křivan V., Vrkoč I. (1992) Continuous and Lipschitzian selections from measurable set valued map Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 166: 582-590.
Křivan V. (1991) Construction of population growth equations in the presence of viability constraints. Journal of Mathematical Biology 29: 379-387.
Křivan V. (1991) Perturbation of viability problem Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 155: 131-139.
Křivan V. (1991) A note on intersection of contingent cones Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 10: 395-402.
Křivan V., Vrkoč I. (1990) Absolutely continuous selections from absolutely continuous set valued map Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal 40: 503-513.
Křivan V., Seďa J. (1989) Application of guaranteed regression model to trophic interaction in aquatic systems Ecological Modelling 49: 1-6.
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