Dostupné objektivy Olympus

Below is a list of objectives available for the Olympus microscopes and these can be exchanged between the systems. However, the software has to be updated when objectives are changed so contact Hana Sehadova in advance if you need an objective that is not installed on the microscope system you want to use.

Available Olympus objectives
UPLSAPO = Universal Plan Super Apochromatic; PLAPON = Plan Apochromatic; APON = Apochromatic; UAPON = Universal Apochromatic; LUCPLFLN = Long Universal Culture Plan Fluorite New; UPLFLN = Universal Plan Fluorite New
Description and magnification N.A. W.D. (mm) Cover glass thickness Immersion Correcting rings Condenser U-DICTS position Grade
UPLSAPO 10x (2pcs) 0.40 3.10 0.17 - - DIC10 normal A
UPLSAPO 20x 0.75 0.60 0.17 - - DIC20 normal A
UPLSAPO 20xO 0.85 0.17 - Oil - DIC20 normal A
UPLSAPO 40x (2pcs) 0.95 0.20 0.11-0.23 - Yes DIC40 normal A
UPLSAPO 60xW 1.20 0.28 0.13-0.21 water Yes DIC60 normal A
UPLSAPO 60xS 1.30 0.30 0.15-0.19 Silicon 23°C; 37°C DIC60 normal A
UPLSAPO 100xO 1.40 0.12 0.17 Oil - DIC100 normal A
PLAPON 60xOTIRFM 1.45 0.10 0.13-0.19 Oil 23°C; 37°C DIC60 BFP1 G
APON 60xOTIRF 1.49 0.10 0.13-0.19 Oil 23°C; 37°C DIC60 BFP1 G
UAPON 100xOTIRF (2pcs) 1.49 0.10 0.13-0.19 Oil 23°C; 37°C DIC100 normal G
LUCPLFLN 20x (2pcs) 0.45 6.4-7.8 0-2 - Yes DIC20 normal B
LUCPLFLN 40x 0.60 2.7-4.0 0-2 - Yes DIC40 normal B
LUCPLFLN 60x 0.70 1.5-2.2 0.1-1.3 - Yes DIC60 normal B
UPLFLN 10x 0.30 10 - - - DIC10 normal C
UPLFLN 40xO 1.30 0.20 0.17 Oil - DIC40 BFP1 C
UAPON 40xO 1.35 0.10 0.17 Oil - DIC40 BFP1 F


Grade legend
Grade Descripiton
A High-performance universal plan wide-range apochromatic-corrected objectives, corrected for four colors chromatically and spherically, with unsurpassed numerical aperture values deliver the best resolution, contrast and field flatness for any microscope technique. In combination with the lowest autofluorescence of all objective series, they are the best choice for advanced fluorescence applications.
B Semi-apochromatic long working distance objectives, designed for tissue culture observations in flasks and dishes. Excellent contrast and resolution in bright field, phase contrast, DIC and fluorescence observations. Corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration at two wavelengths (green and red).
C Semi-apochromatic universal objectives that deliver superb resolution, contrast and image flatness with any microscopic technique. Corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration at two wavelengths (green and red).
F High transmission in the near-UV wavelength (340 nm) makes these objectives perfect for applications such as ratio imaging or measurement of intracellular pH with UV-excitable fluorochromes.
G TIRF objectives have the high numeric aperture.


More info about the objectives can be found at Olympus website



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