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Staniczek A., Godunko R. J., Kluge N. (2018) Fossil record of the mayfly family Ephemerellidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera), with description of new species and first report of Ephemerellinae from Baltic amber. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology in press : DOI: 10.1080/14772019.2017.1388299
Godunko R. J., Soldán T., Staniczek A. (2017) Baetis (Baetis) cypronix sp.n., a new species of the Baetis alpinus species-group (Insecta, Ephemeroptera, Baetidae) from Cyprus, with annotated checklist of Baetidae in the Mediterranean islands. ZooKeys 644 : 1-32.
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.644.10413
Hrivniak Ľ., Sroka P., Godunko R. J., Žurovcová M. (2017) Mayflies of the genus Epeorus Eaton, 1881 s.l. (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae) from the Caucasus Mountains: a new species of Caucasiron Kluge, 1997 from Georgia and Turkey. Zootaxa 4341 : 353-374.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4341.3.2
Martynov A., Godunko R. J. (2017) Mayflies of the Caucasus Mountains. IV. New species of the genus Nigrobaetis Novikova & Kluge, 1987 (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae) from Georgia. Zootaxa 4231 : 70-84.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4231.1.4
Staniczek A., Godunko R. J., Krzemiński W. (2017) A new fossil mayfly species of the genus Borinquena Traver, 1938 (Insecta: Ephemeroptera: Leptophlebiidae: Atalophlebiinae) from Miocene Dominican amber. Annales Zoologici 67 : 113-119.
DOI: 10.3161/00034541ANZ2017.67.1.013
Martynov A., Godunko R. J., Palatov D. (2016) Kintrishi State Nature Reserve – a hotspot mayfly (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) diversity in Adjara (Georgia). Zoosymposia 11 : 168-173.
DOI: 10.11646/zoosymposia.11.1.18
Staniczek A., Godunko R. J. (2016) Revision of fossil Metretopodidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) in Baltic amber— Part 3: Description of two new species of Siphloplecton Clemens, 1915, with notes on the re-discovered lectotype of Siphloplecton macrops (Pictet-Baraban & Hagen, 1856). Zootaxa 4103 : 1-24.
Godunko R. J., Palatov D., Martynov A. (2015) Mayflies of the Caucasus Mountains. III. A new representative of the subgenus Rhodobaetis Jacob, 2003 (Baetidae: Baetis) from the South-Western Caucasus. Zootaxa 3948 : 182-202.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3948.2.2
Godunko R. J., Sroka P., Soldán T., Bojková J. (2015) The higher phylogeny of Leptophlebiidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera), with description of a new species of Calliarcys Eaton, 1881. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 73 : 259-280.
Godunko R. J., Vidinova Y., Soldán T. (2015) Redescription of Ecdyonurus (Ecdyonurus) russevi Braasch & Soldán, 1985 (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae). Zootaxa 3915 : 551-568.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3915.4.6
Martynov A., Palatov D., Godunko R. J. (2015) The larvae of West palaearctic Eurylophella Tiensuu, 1935 (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae), with description of the new species from Georgia. Zootaxa 3904 : 123-143.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3904.1.8
Oláh J., Chvojka P., Coppa G., Godunko R. J., Lodovici O., Majecka K., Majecki J., Szczęsny B., Urbanic G., Valle M. (2015) Limnephilid taxa revised by speciation traits: Rhadicoleptus, Isogamus, Melampophylax genera, Chaetopteryx rugulosa, Psilopteryx psorosa species groups, Drusus bolivari, Annitella kosciuszkii species complexes (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae). Opuscula Zoologica, Budapest 46 : 3-117.
DOI: 10.18348/opzool.2015.1.3
Polášek M., Godunko R. J., Zahrádková S. (2015) Notes on taxonomy of the genus Electrogena (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae) in Central Europe: a polyphasic approach. In: Macadam C. & Stockan J. (Eds), XIV International Conference on Ephemeroptera and XVIII International Symposia on Plecoptera. The James Hutton Institute Aberdeen, Scotland, 31 May to 5 June 2015 36.
Sroka P., Bojková J., Soldán T., Godunko R. J. (2015) New species of the genus Oligoneuriella Ulmer, 1924 (Ephemeroptera: Oligoneuriidae) from Turkey. Zootaxa 4012 : 329–350.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4012.2.4
Staniczek A., Godunko R. J. (2015) Revisison of fossil Metretopodidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) in Baltic amber – Part 2: Description of a new species of Metretopus Eaton, 1901. Historical Biology 27 : 861-867.
DOI: 10.1080/08912963.2014.910203
Antoniuk K., Godunko R. J. (2013) The history of еcomorphological analysisin the entomology. Scientific Bulletin of the Uzhgorod University. Series Biology 35 : 57-62. (in Ukrainian, English summary).
Kluge N., Godunko R. J., Apanaskevich D. (2013) Mayflies of the Caucasus Mountains. II. Description of the first representative of the subgenus Helvetoraeticus Bauernfeind & Soldán, 2012 (Heptageniidae: Ecdyonurus). Zootaxa 3608 : 51-66.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3608.1.3
Kogut J., Godunko R. J. (2013) The history of macrozoobenthos study of Western Ukraine urbanized environment. Scientific Bulletin of the Uzhgorod University. Series Biology 35 : 139-141. (in Ukrainian, English summary).
Martynov S., Godunko R. J. (2013) A new subspecies if the subgenus Ecdyonurus Eaton, 1868 (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae) from the East of Ukraine. Zootaxa 3666 : 489-509.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3666.4.5
Polášek M., Zahrádková S., Godunko R. J. (2013) Polyphasic taxonomy of the genus Electrogena (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae) in Central Europe. In: SEFS 8 - Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences, July 1-5, 2013, Münster, Germany. Abstract Book: 303.

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